I Thought I Saw Something, Derby Haunted Wood

logo%20high%20resolutionWalking through a dark wood on a damp October night might not be everyone’s idea of fun but if you wanted to enjoy the art of those behind Derby’s Haunted House project it was necessary.

A group of artists from the area staged the show I Thought I Saw Something as a deliberate reaction against current concepts regarding art.

They wanted to be able to show their darker themed art without having to pander to the requirements of the more mainstream galleries.

To add to the mystery of the event they kept the location secret and drove visitors from the city centre in a mini bus with blacked out windows.

Once on site and having watched a spooky video about the venture it was out into the wood with just a small torch and a rope to guide you on your walk.

The art by, among others, Trudie Wilson, Barbara Colbert, David William Sampson , Ian Wadsworth, Clare Brooksbank and Tayla Cruikshank was a little freakish and creepy which was the general idea and there were plenty of surprises.

I wished I had spent longer looking at the creations because the walk seemed to be over far too quickly.

That may have been because we were being followed in the wood by a gaggle of squarking girls on a Friday night out with an extra edge. Their less than terrified screams of mirth rather killed the carefully orchestrated atmosphere.

I hope the organisers not only repeat the show again next year but build on its deserved success.                             AP