Steve Tucker – landscape and wildlife photographer

misty-morning-flightSteve Tucker’s first venture into wildlife photography almost turned into a complete washout.

He’d gone to North Wales for the weekend but a massive gale meant the rain was horizontal and there was no hope of capturing anything on camera.

On the way back home to Mickleover he decided to make a last ditch effort and diverted to Martin Mere Wetland Centre in Lancashire.

“When I arrived it was misty and I seriously thought it was a bit pointless but I decided that as I was there I might as well pay to go in and have a look,” said Steve.

“I had just got into a hide and I heard the sound of flying swans behind me. I swung around and fired off a few shots and didn’t think they would be any good.

“When I got home and downloaded the shots on to the computer I realised I had something good.”

The stunning picture of swans in flight, which is above, was the first wildlife picture he ever took and is the reason he became enthusiastic for the genre.

Steve admits to having an impulsive character and says that when he decides to do something he jumps straight in and gets on with it and then it tends to take over his life.

“I am the sort of person who has to have something to obsess over. In the 80s it was cave diving, in the 90s I was a racing cyclist and in the noughties I was sailing yachts.

“I have always dabbled with photography but it wasn’t until about 18 months ago that I decided to take it seriously and bought some new kit.

“I was at that stage where I was questioning what I wanted out of life so when I was confident that I could take a good picture I decided to give up my job in the rope access industry and take up photography professionally.”

The 55-year-old says that up until that point he had always thought he hadn’t got an artistic bone in his body.

“I would have loved to be able to paint and draw but I can’t and I spent years trying to master playing a guitar and still can’t do that. Photography has become my way of expressing myself,” he explained.

“Having spent my childhood exploring the caves and hills I have always felt at one with the Peak District. I enjoy the challenge of finding detail in the landscape that is not immediately apparent. I aim to capture the intimate detail rather than the big vista.

“I like to be out in the early hours and that leads to encounters with wildlife which you may never see during the day.”

Steve says he is always looking for new ideas and he and his wife Susan love travelling so he is adding pictures from the Lake District, Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland and recently Finland to his gallery.

“I take photographs because I enjoy it and I work hard to be the best I can so it is very pleasing when people enjoy my images.”

To see more of Steve’s work go to

His work is also exhibited at St John Gallery, Ashbourne, Wirksworth Frames, Wirksworth and Picture This Gallery at Kegworth.