Lippy Kid – musician

lippy kidNever judge a book by its cover they say and of course you should never make assumptions about anyone based on their name or appearance.

Easier said than done – and I confess to failing dismally when I went to meet Lippy Kid, a Chesterfield-based musician into electronica.

Had to be a baseball hat-wearing, skater-type in his 20s, right? Wrong.

Lippy Kid aka Paul Scott is a former member of a Manchester band in his 40s with an obsession for David Bowie and a vast collection of CDs.

In keeping with his Bowie fixation he says Lippy Kid is his equivalent of Ziggy.

It is a persona he has invented to enable him to try out a new genre without any baggage and key to the project is the aim to inspire others to discover a creative side they may have thought lost.

Paul laughs at my obvious surprise that I am not getting-down-with-the-kids on this occasion and says that while he is not deliberately wanting to create a false impression I am not the only one to have been taken aback.

“People make judgments very quickly and I guess that is part of the point I am trying to make,” he says. “I want to show others that there is always another way and plenty of opportunities to start again. Some people think they have missed their moment but that’s not the case and I want to show them that.”

The exiled Mancunian turned his back on a possible stellar pop career in the late 80s.

“I was just not interested any more and I detached myself from it.

“A 20-year hiatus followed where I was more of a critic than a performer. Then someone said to me you can play music, you talk about it, you write about it why don’t you produce it? It was a bit of an epiphany for me and now here I am as Lippy Kid.”

The project, as he calls it, was launched at the start of last year and through it he aims to create thematic, danceable melodies from minimal techno loops.

He claims to absorb musical influences not just from Bowie but also the likes of Radiohead, Kraftwerk and even Donna Summer as well as some of today’s left-field electronic artists.

Paul intends to collaborate with other musicians and artists sharing ideas as they go. He has worked with classical composer James Oldrini who was featured in last month’s artsbeat magazine and Derbyshire folk musician Tribe of Juan.

He has also collaborated with artist Anna Krystyna Casey over the design for the cover of his latest EP Néron Minimal.

The musician is currently giving his support to the new County Sessions being staged at the County Music Bar in Chesterfield by Brendan Allen and he is also going to be performing live at the Chesterfield Community Arts Festival.

“The organisers were appealing for people to get involved in the festival and I was interested to see what was going to be happening in the town.

“As a result I am going to be performing at the Winding Wheel on the Saturday night at an event hosted by Charity Shop DJs. It is something completely different so I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.”

The free Pick ‘n’ Mix Dance Party is for all the family and is on from 6.30pm until 11pm on May 4. It is being billed as an evening of party sounds, cupcakes and roller skates – which sounds just up Lippy Kid’s street. Or at least the one from my imagination.

Watch this space to see what Paul Scott turns his hand to next as he reckons further re-invention is always a possibility in the not too distant future.

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