Eric Wilson – wildlife artist

ShamsherAwarding-winning wildlife artist Eric Wilson is a relative newcomer to the Derbyshire arts scene but he is certainly making making sure he gets involved.

He and his family have settled in Buxton and he has become a member of the High Peak Artists group and exhibits in the Gallery in the Gardens at the Pavlion Gardens.

In May and June his work will be exhibited in the venue’s Art Cafe.

To complement his solo show Eric will also be demonstrating his skills on May 18 and June 16.

Although he does paint portraits (one of his most notable is of boxer Nigel Benn) he is best known for his depictions of wildlife. For 20 years he has painted animals in their natural habitats all over the globe.

He has painted lions in South Africa, tigers in Nepal, clouded leopards in Thailand, rhinos in Zimbabwe, wolves in Alberta, chimpanzees in Burundi and even polar bears in the Canadian Arctic.

He takes great care to include all the correct flora and fauna in his paintings and insists on observing them in their natural habitat with just the help of local guides.

“When I observe them it gives me a sense of awe that I want people feeling when they look at my paintings,” he said.

He is passionate about conservation and is an active supporter of work to conserve tigers in India and has donated paintings to raise funds to raise awareness of their plight.

“If you paint wildlife for a living, the least you can do is give something back in return – in my lifetime 95 per cent of lions in Africa have been wiped out – mostly by humans and it is a tragedy.”

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