Adam and Joe Horton, film makers

1425295_189702394565386_240855671_oDerby’s answer to the Coens – The Horton Brothers – ought to be celebrating big time in my opinion.

The film makers have made it to Cannes for the first time. When they tell me I am totally impressed and can’t help gushing words like ‘wow’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘amazing’.

But with considerable modesty Adam and Joe explain that it is just part of the process and nothing to jump up and down about. Yet.

“Yes of course we’re excited,” said Joe, “but that’s what we have been working towards. Of course if us being there means we get a serious offer then we can crack open the Champagne – and smoke some big cigars,” he adds with a huge grin.

This might be their first time at the Cannes Film Festival but the writer-director duo have already won the best Horror Sci-Fi at Beverly Hills Shorts Festival and a nomination for the Best UK Short at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival. They have also already had a mention in artsbeat for their success in QUAD Shorts at the end of last year.

It is the same short film Get Some – a post apocalyptic action satire starring John Hannah and Warren Brown – that has been chosen for screening at the most prestigious gathering of the film industry elite.

It is also being shown at the Derby Film Festival at QUAD this month.

It is their most ambitious project to date and they are currently developing both feature and TV series treatments based on the film’s concept.

The Borrowash-born brothers have a knack of being able to attract established people from the industry to work in front of and behind the camera (Rik Mayall was in their first film) and that is probably because they present them with well structured scripts and are obviously level-headed and professional.

“We know exactly what we want to do we want to write and direct films and we want to do it together,” said Adam, at 28 the elder of the two siblings.

He studied film, TV and broadcast media at Derby University while Joe, 25, did a more vocational BTEC film course at Derby College.

“I knew from about the age of 12 that I wanted to make films and I wanted to do a course that helped me do just that,” said Joe.

Adam admits that he, on the other hand, wasn’t sure which direction he wanted to go in and even though he didn’t really want to go to university he opted for a degree course.

The former West Park school pupils both made the right decisions because it was an exchange year in the USA that helped Adam realise his first love was film and script writing.

Meanwhile back at home Joe was learning how to put a film together. Those combined talents are what could make them box office sensations in the not too distant future.

When asked why and how they first became interested in films they both laugh and tell me that the blame lies with their movie-fanatic older brother Daniel, who was 13 when Joe was born.

“He had a huge collection of films and had them all filed in alphabetical order. When we were young we used to pinch them from his room and watch them. It was like having your very own Blockbusters store in the house. It was just brilliant,” said Joe.

“Yep, he most definitely was the person who got us into films in the first place,” added Adam.

Nowadays they don’t have a particular genre they prefer and they like to think they have a varied taste. The last film Joe watched was the Grand Budapest Hotel but probably his all time favourite is American Werewolf in London.

If you watch any of their short films you immediately realise that they like that sort of quirky black comedy which comes with a twist.

“We can’t pretend to be Arthouse that’s for sure,” says Adam. “We’re mainstream but with a unique, original twist. Being mainstream doesn’t have to mean brainless and we want to prove just that.”

While they build their film making business the brothers have got day jobs  –  Adam is working in London as a researcher on the Graham Norton Show and Joe works at the Showcase cinema in Derby.

“We have to earn money to live, but our film making career is going in the right direction – we just need that big break. It will come,” says Joe with well-deserved confidence.

The brothers have just finished the presentation treatment for a comedy drama about white-collar boxing set in the East Midlands. Anyone interested in backing its development should go to for more details.