About artsbeat

Artsbeat was a free print magazine produced and edited by me – Amanda Penman – a journalist with more than 40 years experience as a reporter, editor and senior newspaper executive.

Since the COVID-19 crisis I have not been able to print the magazine but I am continuing to add any news of virtual events to this website.

I have lived in Derbyshire for 18 years and until I changed direction in 2012 I was the group editor of a series of small weekly newspapers including the Matlock Mercury and Belper News.

I have a huge passion for my local community and the arts, both creative and performing, so when it became time to look for a new start in life I was determined to launch my own magazine to celebrate the growing arts scene in the county.

Artsbeat was first published in February 2013 and since then I have been kept on my toes, writing, designing, delivering and selling. Before the COVID-19 crisis I distributed up to 7,000 copies throughout Derbyshire ten times a year and follow that up by putting extra content on to this website as often as possible. Most days something will go up.

The response I have had from readers and customers  has been amazing and each month the magazine is going from strength to strength and it won Magazine of the Year in the 2014 Midlands Media Awards and was on the shortlist again in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

It’s tough out there for a one-woman enterprise, but I am definitely used to hard work and I know that a well-produced magazine with plenty to entertain readers will always do well and I hope that I will be able to relaunch it as soon as all this is over.

If you want to feature in the magazine or promote your business when this is all over then contact me at amanda@arts-beat.co.uk and we can meet up for a chat. You can also follow artsbeat on twitter @artsbeat and on Facebook.

The deadline for listings is always the 10th of the month previous to the one you want it in i.e. September 10 for October. For features the more notice you can give me the better as I plan quite a way ahead. The advertising booking deadline is the 12th of the month previous and the artwork deadline is the 15th of the month previous.