Su Pollard stars in Buxton drama

Birdie’s a hoarder. The neighbours call her a harridan and a harpy even though most have never even met her.

They see her hoard as a hazard for house prices. But it isn’t rubbish. It’s her life’s work and it exists because years ago something deeply cherished was stolen, and Birdie’s not been able to give up anything since. She’ll do anything to get this priceless thing back. Anything at all.

Critically acclaimed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2018, Harpy is a razor-sharp dark drama from Fringe First award winner Philip Meeks (Kiss Me Honey, Honey!).

Critic Mark Ludmon described the show as a “delightful character study, filled with laugh-out-loud humour, celebrating eccentricity, resilience and growing old disgracefully”. 

The show stars Su Pollard, best-known as Peggy from TV’s 1980s holiday camp hit comedy Hi-Di-Hi.

Harpy is coming to Buxton Opera House on April 2 at 7.30pm. For tickets go to