Classical pianist Sergei Podobedov performs at Crich

A thrilling evening of classical piano music, with virtuoso pianist Sergei Podobedov is being held at Crich Glebe Field Centre on February 22, at 7.30pm.

Sergei, who now lives in Belper, is a graduate of the Moscow Central School of Music, the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, and the Royal College of Music. 

He was the first recipient of a Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Scholarship at the Royal College of Music, and the youngest winner of the Edward Boyle Award in London.

His performance in Crich will be a mixed programme from the Renaissance, Baroque and classical repertoire. It will include: Beethoven’s  Moonlight Sonata, and Chopin’s Polonaise, with further works by Rachmaninoff, and others. This is a unique opportunity to hear a world renowned pianist in Crich, playing on a concert grand, specially brought in for the occasion.

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