Lewis Noble invites Friends to join exhibition

Lewis Noble has invited a group of highly talented local artists, using both painting and ceramics to create their highly individual artwork, to join him for Lewis Noble and Friends – Broadening Horizons and New Trails.

Lewis, a renowned contemporary landscape painter, now also includes ceramics in his portfolio. Although his images are of the real, earthy landscapes, he attempts to find a path between representational and expressive painting to convey a landscape that is still evolving, see work above.

Joining him will be ceramicist Mark Smith who draws his inspiration from the sea. Objects he discovers on the shoreline become part of the story he tells: ships, boats, and wrecks are the main fabric of his work, made from clay patched together with the textures of salvaged metal and wood objects.

Andrew Bird’s paintings convey his love for the hustle and bustle of harbours and coastal life, as well as the rugged nature of the landscapes of Derbyshire and Cornwall. 

Like Lewis, Heather Duncan is also both painter and ceramicist. Painting is the way she communicates her feelings or passions freely. Her pottery is her therapy. She approaches each new painting without preconceived ideas and starts with a spontaneous application of broad washes of colour randomly picked.

Although abstract, her paintings are of real experiences in real landscapes, representing her own feelings. 

The exhibition is on from November 23-December 7 with a meet the artists event on the 23rd, from 11am-3pm.