They think it’s a wedding party…

It’s World Cup Final day 1966. It’s also Laura and Joe’s wedding reception – what could possibly go wrong? 

It is Now, from Anonymous is A Woman Theatre Company, is a charming, funny, immersive play, with lots of perfect period details, and a great swinging 60s soundtrack.

July 30 1966, a date that would go down in history, the day England faced West Germany at Wembley Stadium in the World Cup Final. 

It is also the wedding day of Laura and Joe, and we are at the reception with their family and friends. Will this be a nuptial fiasco?

As you join them for their big day, can Laura keep your attention away from the most iconic game of football England has ever played? 

Will the day be filled with ‘A Groovy Kind of Love’, or will it end in ‘Tears’? 

Someone has sneaked a radio in to listen to their team’s crucial match. The groom appears to have a very friendly relationship with the bride’s best friend. 

The mother of the bride is frantic, the father flummoxed. And a bonkers relative gets a bit too tipsy and is rampantly disorderly.

Whether you’re on the side of the bride or the groom, of England or (dare it be said?) Germany, this is a cracking evening of witty romance and good-humoured drama, and music – from Dusty Springfield and The Supremes, to The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

This is a great chance to dig out those 60s flares, that ridiculous hat, or your football gear, for a wedding reception like no other.

You  can see it at Crich Glebe Field Centre on October 6 at 7.30pm. Box office is on 01773 853260.