Enjoy outdoor drama in the park this week

Derby-based theatre company The Lost Boys will be staging their new show Monsters, Myths and Mayhem in Markeaton Park from July 24-27. 

Join them as they journey to a time of Gods and Heroes, where monsters, myth and reality collide causing absolute chaos. 

The Derby LIVE favourites, aka Paul Broesmith and Ben Adwick, were responsible for The Creation of Frankenstien, and this time they have turned their attention to ancient Greek mythology for their latest adaptation, so you can expect a wacky adventure – as if they made it while trying to get their Blue Peter badge – featuring wigs, swords, sandals and sticky back plastic.

It is an epic and comic exploration of classical Greek mythology including well known tales featuring Hercules, Achilles, Theseus, Perseus, The Minotaur, Medusa and the Kraken. All delivered in The Lost Boys’ inimitable style.

For tickets and more information go to derbylive.co.uk or to the group’s own site http://www.thelostboys.org.uk