New QUAD exhibition is out of this world

A new exhibition by artist Megan Broadmeadow opens at QUAD in Derby on  June 29.

Seek Pray Advance: Episode 3 – Operation Starlight is based on real-life testimonies from those who have purportedly had encounters with beings from other worlds, dimensions and realms, across multiple periods in history.

Broadmeadow’s exhibition features the new Virtual Reality commission Above the Firmament as part of immersive exhibits in the QUAD Gallery space. A mixture of installations, film works and VR will create an epic, other-worldly dimension in QUAD Gallery.

‘Episode 3 – Operation Starlight’ reveals the beings responsible for calling the Ordinary Person to join a ‘Intergalactic Hierarchy’. The viewer is taken on a surreal journey in VR through nebula like spaces, filled with these otherworldly beings who swoop and fly around them.  The viewer experiences the space usually reserved for the chosen ones: the space Above the Firmament and beyond the heavens. The space in which the Ordinary Person will end their journey… in this dimension at least…

A Conference inspired by Megan Broadmeadow’s exhibition, ‘Conspiracy Theory, Politics and Representation’ will bring together experts who are working towards developing an understanding of how conspiracy theories spread and what they mean.

Conspiracy Theory, Politics and Representation Conference takes place in QUAD on  July 3 from 9.30am to 5.30pm followed by a film screening of They Live (15) at 6:30pm Tickets for the conference and film are £10.

The new exhibition is on display until September 29. The Exhibition launch night is on June 28, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Megan Broadmeadow will lead an Artist Exhibition Tour on June 29 at 12pm and an Artist Talk on August 19 from 7pm. Both events are free and will take place in QUAD Gallery.

In QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces, Made/Unmade is a group show of mixed-media works by East/West Midlands based artists in response to an open call that queried how we as a species affect the world around us, and how that world in turn affects us. The artists featured are: Ryan Lee Boultbee, Betsy Bradley, Hannah Parikh and Maria Przybylska Made/Unmade is on display in QUAD from  June 29-September 29.

For more information or to book tickets for films workshops or workshops, call QUAD on 01332 290606 or go to