Wildlife artist stages summer exhibition

Wildlife artist Richard Whittlestone holds his Summer Exhibition from June 15-20 at his gallery on the Chatsworth estate.

Many new paintings will be on show for the first time, from close portraits to larger landscape-inspired pieces.

Professional for 31 years, Richard’s favoured medium is acrylic – usually on panel – and his style realistic, almost three dimensional.

“My aim is to make the viewer trust the subject is believable, that there is life behind their eye and they may make a move at any moment. I have studied birds and animals at close quarters all my life, their connection to the environment and the ebb and flow of their daily lives, it is this that I remember when I paint and it helps create the reality.”

Accompanying the originals are new limited edition prints and greetings cards – all will carry Richard’s trademark tiny fly, hidden somewhere in the composition.

Daily 10am-5pm and 11am-4pm Sundays. Go to http://www.richardwhittlestone.co.uk for more details.