Lynn Presland: painter

Many an artist has confessed to me that they have lacked confidence in their work at some stage – if not always. It definitely seems to go with the territory, which is why joining a like-minded group of their peers is such a great idea.

For Lynn Presland being part of the relatively-new Derbyshire Artists’ Guild is really important and she attributes it with helping her develop as a landscape artist in recent months.

The eight artists in the group, which will be at Baslow Village Hall for the Derbyshire Open Arts event, all love to paint and spur each other on with ideas and encouragement.

“It’s not only that though,” says Lynn. “What being part of the guild has enabled me to do is take my art out into the community where people can just walk in and see it. It is wonderful to be in galleries, but a lot of people are shy of galleries and just won’t step inside.

“What we do as a group is take our work to them and, of course, we are then there to talk to them about the paintings.

“ It is really lovely to meet the people who buy your work and who are going to get enjoyment from it. And it’s also really useful for getting feedback,” she explained.

Lynn admits that she tried various techniques and styles in the 20 or so years she has been painting seriously but is still not sure which path to take.

“I draw inspiration from the magnificent Derbyshire landscapes – autumn skies, windswept heaths, winding lanes and woodlands. But while I love painting landscapes I also enjoy bold, colourful floral paintings,” she said.

She says her earliest memories are of holding a paint brush and she can remember being entranced by painting by number kits as a child.

“For my 16th birthday I was bought an easel, brushes and a canvas and it was my dream to go to art college but I was the daughter of a miner and one of seven children so that was never going to be. 

“It was much later in life that I decided I wanted to study A Level art and finally realise that teenage dream. Thanks to encouragement from tutors who helped me overcome my lack of confidence I am where I am today. 

“I have my own studio and have paintings at Leabrooks Arts Complex, in Somercotes, and am regularly exhibiting with the guild. I am learning all the time but I am enjoying every minute of it,” she said.

The other artists in the Derbyshire Artists’ Guild are Susan Tracey, Patricia Lane, Angus Stokes, Carol Barton-Jones, Arwyn Quick and Martin Davis, who have both been featured artists in artsbeat in the past and the newest member Mo Laycock.

The will be demonstrating their techniques at Baslow Village Hall from May 25-27 as part of Derbyshire Open Arts.

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