Author sees play performed by Marlowe Players

Author Derek Webb attended a Marlowe Players’ performance of his play The Lady Vanishes at Darley Abbey – and his verdict was “excellent”.

He left his home in Pembrokeshire to see only the second performance of his play which he adapted from Ethel Lina White’s book The Wheel Spins.

“It was the first time I’d actually seen the play as written, with a full set. A professional company performed it last year but did it Brechtian-style, without an actual set. I think it worked very well.”

Derek was impressed with how the Marlowes managed to depict three areas of a train on the relatively small Darley Abbey Village Hall stage.

“I and the audience suspended disbelief. We believed it was actually happening on a train. When you write, it’s down to the director and the actors who should all bring something new to the party. It’s good when the writer is surprised. There were some nice little touches – which is what it’s all about.”

The Lady Vanishes sold out all five performances which also pleased Derek. “You’ve set the bar pretty high,” he told the cast and creative team.

The Marlowes have already started rehearsals for their next production, Frank Vickery’s Trivial Pursuits, which will be staged at Darley Abbey from July 23-27.

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