Ian Daisley: photographer

Once I tell you that photographer Ian Daisley has three separate websites featuring his work it will be no surprise when I say that he is a man of many talents – not least that of being a savvy entrepreneur.

His passion is taking pictures, and I suspect if there was a magic money tree he would be wandering the peaks and dales capturing the landscape in all its splendour day in and day out.

But of course the reality is we all need to pay the bills so Ian has built up a successful business taking wedding, portrait and product pictures which are all part of Ian Daisley Photography and impressive studio pictures of classic, racing and cherished motorcycles which come under the umbrella of ProbikeArt.

And as if that isn’t enough to keep him busy he has devoted http://www.HighStoneGallery.co.uk to his fine art photography, lectures, workshops, calendars, diaries and books.

Ian, who lives at Bonsall and has his own studio at Via Gellia Mill, has been taking pictures since he was given his first Box Brownie aged six so he could potter alongside his father who was a keen amateur photographer.

“I used to have my father’s hand-me-down cameras and he loved encouraging me. The first 35mm camera – an Ilford – that he gave me had a little piece of paper with all the F-stops written on it inside the case. I have still got that little note today,” said Ian with a broad grin.

The 56-year-old started his working life with an engineering firm and has a background in electronics and IT. He was working for the Post Office in the communications department ten years ago when he decided he was ready for a change.

“I was living here in Derbyshire and with all this on my doorstep,” he said, gesturing at the surrounding landscape, “I decided it was time to try my hand at being a full-time freelance photographer.”

What started out as a period of discovery as he captured images of the Peak District has now become more specific. 

“I am much more selective and I think carefully about what I want to achieve.  I often pre-visualise the final image before I set out and often revisit places and try to develop my composition,” he explained.

Ian enjoys the play of light, shape and form and he shows me images that illustrate the dramatic effects that can be achieved if you visit the same spot in different seasons.

His fine art work has resulted in him being selected as a Peak District Artisan, so now his work can also be seen at the group’s events. 

He will be at their exhibition at Chatsworth House in January.

Ian’s work is also exhibited at Wirksworth Framing Company where he has all his prints framed.

As it is the festive season you may well want to choose one of his 2019 calendars or diaries featuring landscape pictures of the Peak District as a gift. 

All the details are on the High Stone Gallery website here.