Three Little Pigs classic at Winster

A brand new version of the classic The Three Little Pigs with a garlicky, French twist, where the titular porcine pals – decked out in Parisian dungarees and berets – are on a mission to see off a big, bad wolf/chef.

He wants make them into soup so they are going to need lots of help from the audience to save their bacon.

Three Little Pig Tails by Garlic Theatre is a gentle introduction to theatre for any youngsters in the family. 

The show is full of interactive fun and bristles with beautifully carafted puppets and giddyingly delightful live music to make  children and parents alike squeal with laughter.

The prodution can be seen thanks to the Live and Local organisation at The Burton Institute, Winster, on December 5 at 6.15pm. 

It is aimed at those aged three to eight. For tickets check out