Bloody Mary is new drama for Belper

The reign of Mary Tudor, England’s first Queen Regnant, is the subject of a new play by Belper-based playwright George Gunby. He has teamed up with theatre director Sue Reaney to stage Bloody Mary on November 17, the 460th anniversary of her death.

George said: “Compared with Henry VIII and Elizabeth I very little has been written about the Tudor Queen best known as Bloody Mary.

“This is the chance to tell her story and highlight the intrigue surrounding her.”

Sue said “It’s a period in history packed with great characters. I love the Tudor period and this is a great opportunity to investigate Mary and her court. I can promise people that it will be a lively evening.”

Bloody Mary is the second play in George Gunby’s Tudor trilogy based around Anne Boleyn, Mary Tudor and, next year, Elizabeth I.

It is being staged at St Peter’s Church, Belper at 7.30pm. 

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