See Frankenstein story at Guildhall Theatre

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is probably the greatest horror story ever told. 

It was published 200 years ago and written when she was just 19. 

The Creation of Frankenstein by Peter Roberts, interweaves her novel with the story of its writing, and is being premiered by Derby LIVE and The Lost Boys at the Guildhall Theatre in Derby this week.

Directed by Derby LIVE’s Pete Meakin and with a cast of five playing multiple roles audiences will see the actors move seamlessly between the gothic world of the Frankenstein novel and the ‘real’ world of Geneva, Switzerland where the novel was written. 

In 1814, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary had scandalised society by eloping together. They were not married, or at least, not to each other. 

In the summer of 1816 they escaped to Switzerland. There they joined the “mad, bad and dangerous to know” Lord Byron. 

They were accompanied by Mary’s half-sister, Claire. Unbeknown to them, Claire was already pregnant. And Lord Byron was the father. These great writers, romantics and lovers decided upon a competition – who could write the best horror story? Thus Frankenstein was born. And history was created.

The Lost Boys are a Derby-based theatre company who specialise in producing published works and new writing, creating exciting opportunities to work with emerging local artists and new talent. 

This production will be an extension of their repertory work but with a larger cast, larger venue and larger team than ever before.

The cast for this production has a wealth of experience playing to Derby audiences on the Guildhall stage, with a variety of local companies. 

Brought together for the first time for The Creation of Frankenstein are Ben Adwick as Lord Byron/The Creature, Paul Broesmith as Percy Shelley/Victor Frankenstein, Anna Cousins as Mary Shelley/Elizabeth Lavenza, Laura Mae Mellor as Claire Clairmont/Justine Moritz and Mat Shepherd as Dr. Polidori/Robert Walton.

Behind the scenes photographs and videos, direct from the rehearsal room are being shared weekly on The Lost Boys social media channels. Audiences can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @lostboysevents.

The Creation of Frankenstein will run from October 24-27 including a matinee on Saturday 27 October.

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