Photographer has international reputation

It may surprise many photographers, both experienced and emerging, that we have an award-winning international photographer hosting classes and workshops in the county.

Back home in Mexico Manuel Delaflor, who describes himself as a visual artist and philosopher, was a well-respected photographer and his work has been exhibited all over the world and is in several private collections in Europe and the USA as well as Mexico. 

Before he took up photography as a means of expressing himself, he spent several years at the National University of Mexico studying philosophy and psychology. He has a special interest in cognitive science and has lectured in a broad range of related subjects which he says were all forms of human expression.

“I have a personal quest to try to understand what we are doing here but I eventually left academia, disappointed with a system that forces researchers to spend enormous amounts of time to simply get the needed resources to continue their research,” he explained.

Manuel’s father, who bears the same name, is a renowned pianist and composer in Mexico which was a huge influence on his life.

“It was natural to have artists and musicians in the house as I grew up and I was always creative myself; drawing and painting – although by the time I was a poor student it was more drawing as oil paints were too expensive,” he said with a grin.

“However I abandoned all that and everything changed when I discovered my first digital camera about 18 years ago. I had a new tool to express myself and I became obsessed with it. I took my camera everywhere even the supermarket.”

The first national award he won was organised by Motorola when their first phone with real photographic capabilities was introduced in 2008.

His last exhibition was in Budapest last November, as part of a Mexican Festival and all the profits went to help the people in Mexico after the devastating earthquake earlier last year. He is going back this September to exhibit his work.

For the past few years he has quietly been establishing himself in the UK by running courses and workshops for small groups of photographers of all abilities from learning the basics to rules of composition, lighting and how to take portraits.

He enjoys landscapes, fine art and portraits so consequently his online portfolio is diverse and fascinating. 

He is also interested in working for the variety of artists in the region. 

He does professional headshots for actors, dancers and musicians and has also worked with visual artists helping them to capture their work in a professional way.

To see more of his work and get in touch with him go to