Photographer recreates ghosts at Elvaston Castle

Photographer Howie Johnson is staging a new exhibition at Elvaston Castle this summer.

The new exhibition, Ghosts of Elvaston Castle, is based on his successful Derby Aboretum exhibition – Ghosts in the Park  – three years ago.

Howie said: “You feel something special when you’re in the castle. I have shown there now for four years running and every time you can feel the presence of someone and maybe others passing through you in the Gothic Hall.”

The Gothic Hall, which is seldom open to the public, is the main area Howie, of hojoimages, will be using for the exhibition.

In the hall, life-size chiffons  another of Howies artistic features, will depict the ghosts floating around the hall and on the grand staircase, there will be A3 prints with images of various ghosts in the old rooms.

Outside in the fabulous gardens  ghosts will be found  amongst the greenery and trees.

The exhibition which has the support of Derbyshire County Council and funding from Artistic Upholstery of Long Eaton will be one of the biggest presentations Howie has done.

The Ghosts of Elvaston Castle can be visited on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays throughout August  11am -4.30pm.