Brothers in Art tour at Renishaw

The Sitwell ‘Trio’ – Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell – are well known for their influence on early 20th century modern English literature and The Arts but this season at Renishaw Hall and Gardens it’s the two Sitwell brothers who share the limelight as part of the hall’s participation in The Grand Tour Season 3. 

Brothers in Art explores their passion and patronage for art and will feature a fascinating exhibition of contemporary work by Derbyshire artist Louise McNiff (pictured above), as well as inspired poetry and prose from Sheffield Hallam University’s creative writing students.

There will also be three in depth Brothers in Art tours of Renishaw Hall led by archivist, Christine Beevers.

Louise’s work, commissioned by Renishaw Hall specifically for this season, traces the footsteps of 20th century artist and Sitwell friend, John Piper.  

“I am exploring the unique spirit and atmosphere of Renishaw Hall, through the Italianate gardens and beyond, using print, collage and mixed media techniques on paper and fabric,” she said.

“Tracing John Piper’s footsteps, my focus will be on the relationship between the structure and symmetry of the architecture and gardens, set against the backdrop of the untamed landscape that surrounds it.” 

Louise’s art will be complemented by writing from six of Sheffield Hallam University’s creative writing students, who used the Piper collection to explore what they and the artist saw and felt about the house, gardens, and the literary history of the Sitwells. 

The current owner of the hall Alexandra Sitwell, the great neice of the trio said: “I am thrilled to be hosting a new series of hall tours looking at their incredible art collection, as part of The Grand Tour season. 

It’s even more pleasing that here at Renishaw we are featuring a new contemporary art and writing exhibition this season, by artists and writers who have been clearly enthused by Renishaw and our John Piper collection.”

The Brothers in Art tours take place on July 1 and September 16. Pre-booking is essential on 01246 432310 or email 

The exhibition of art, writing and the brothers’ legacy will be on display for the entire 2018 season.