Q&A with 80s pop star Kim Wilde

What can people expect from your new show?

There are seven of us rocking out on stage tearing through my greatest hits and introducing several of the tracks from the new Here Come The Aliens album. I also have a 12-strong entourage making sure we look as good as we sound.

Here Come The Aliens is out this month. What’s the story behind that title?

Eighties Pop Star has Close Encounter in Back Garden! Yes, it’s true, something very unusual happened in my garden in 2009, and has in many ways inspired the new album, not least of course with the amazing artwork by my niece Scarlet.

You’ve worked with your brother Ricky again on the new album. How has that relationship changed over the years? 

Ricky and I share the same passion and excitement for pop music, we grew up together with the same influences, we speak the same language when it comes to all things musical.

Initially Ricky started writing on his own – and then with my dad, Marty Wilde,  with hits such as Kids in America, Cambodia and Chequered Love. Soon after I began song writing with Ricky, which continues to this day.

Family occasions often end up with someone grabbing a guitar or playing piano; it’s hard to leave work behind when you love music so much.

The album is a celebration of pop music. How and why did you come up with that concept? And what is it about pop music that you love?

I grew up in the 60s and fell in love with the amazing music that filled that decade; the Beatles of course, but also growing up listening to my dad writing songs on his guitar. Dad had an amazing vinyl collection, and Ricky and I heard everything from Tchaikovsky to Elvis, Frank Sinatra to Mike Oldfield.

Pop music had always been at the heart of our family life, always playing in the house with new albums arriving weekly for Ricky and I to absorb. Our love affair with pop music continues to this day, stronger than ever in fact. This album happened subconsciously. Before we knew it all our influences came together in a perfect storm and Here Come The Aliens is the result.

Which songs on the new album are you most excited for people to hear?

There are 12 songs which were chosen from many written for this album, and each have their place and reason for making it to the last 12. Of course I am excited to hear how it is to be received and hope the singles inspire people to buy the album, it was made with a lot of love and supernatural energy.

How is the music industry different now compared to when you released Kids In America? 

The music industry is transformed from the Kids in America days of only vinyl, no mobiles, no internet, in ways I could never have imagined. Music however, still has passion at the heart of the very best examples, and that will never change.

If you could go back in time what advice would you give to your younger self?

I’d say not to worry so much, I did a lot of that in my 20s.

There’s a rumoured lost album from the late 1990s. Will Kim Wilde fans ever get to hear some of the music from it?

Never say never!

What current music are you enjoying at the moment? 

Frida Sundemo, Slaves, Daft Punk and Lawnmower Deth.

Kim Wilde: Here Come the Aliens Tour will be at Buxton Opera House on April 20. For tickets go to http://www.buxtonoperahouse.org.uk