Cory Seznec plays three Derbyshire venues

photoshoot réalisé pour Fanny qui travaille chez Universal. Nous avons fait les photos au bord du canal de l'ourq à Pantin. Sylvianne qui m'a branché sur le plan était là aussi. Fanny étant son ancienne stagière.

A soulful, freewheeling set by the Franco-American Cory Seznec (formerly of the much praised world-roots outfit the Groanbox Boys) encapsulates the musician’s eclectic taste and experiences from across the globe.

This music is joyous, a vibrant mix of American roots, country and jazz with a twist of African blues.

New Music From the Old, is being brought to the county by Live & Local.

The show is interspersed with tales and anecdotes that influenced the songs and Cory is constantly switching between the raw and stomping and the charmingly sophisticated.

The Cory Seznec Band can be seen at Melbourne Assembly Rooms, on March 8 at 7.30pm. Tickets on 01332 863522; St Leonards Mission Church, Spital, Chesterfield, for Spital Arts, on March 9 at 7.30pm, with tickets on 01246 220741 and at Breadsall Memorial Hall on March 11 at 7.30pm. For tickets telephone 01332 831577.