Exhibition reveals what’s Behind the Smile

Behind the Smile is an exhibition to be held at Banks Mill Studios, Derby, from February 26-March 23.

It will explore living with invisible illnesses such as chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

It is aiming to break taboos and raise awareness of those issues that can often lie behind the smile. There will be a range  of different mediums from ceramics to painting, collage and resin.

There will be an opportunity to meet some of the artists involved at a private view event on Saturday March 3.

Artists taking part are: Aiden Smith, Ann Bates work pictured above, Alinta Higgs, Brendan McDowell, Charlotte Rhoades, Claire Davies, Clare Fisher, Clare Morgan, Deb Downward, Elizabeth Blades, Emerciana Desouza, Fae Kilburn, Jackie Ward, Jacquelyn Cook, Jacqui Futers, Janine Booth, Kate Whiting, Karen Moore, Kayrakise Evans, Kirstie Adamson, Kim Fowler, Laura Mossop, Martin Hyde, Martin Davis, Mary Smith, Rebecca Jarman, Rachel Caunce, Ruth Gray, Sally Taylor, Stevie Davies, and Vikki Marsden

Ann Bates’ contribution, entitled Any One of Us, see above, is made of teardrop shaped pieces of clay that depict the image of a face. Initially the work is intended to be viewed from a distance as the features appear more defined. On closer inspection the teardrop shapes reveal the way that the image is made and reinforce the fact that although someone may look fine there may also be problems that are not immediately obvious.