New arts website launched by Belper team

A new internet platform featuring the arts is being launched from Belper with the pilot podcast being available from January 5.

Derbyshire Artsword is an initiative headed up by composer /record producer James Oldrini, artist/graphic designer Andy Mayers, presenter/photographer Ashley Franklin and writer/producer George Gunby.

Derbyshire Artsword will feature a recorded weekly podcast and carry interviews with performers, musicians and artists, a what’s on section and previews of upcoming events.

In addition the website will carry recorded performances by Derbyshire performers and musicians. The recordings will include plays, sketches, poetry, spoken word and music.

“It’s an exciting new opportunity for Derbyshire-based artists,” said George Gunby.

James Oldrini said: “I was in the process of setting up a sideline project, ‘Article Recordings’, a recording service to help businesses and people create podcasts when I learnt that George Gunby was interested in creating some form of radio programme for Belper.

“After meeting we quickly decided to shift the idea into a weekly podcast focusing on the Derbyshire Arts. The podcast will be available on iTunes and can be embedded to any website.”

Broadcaster and photographer Ashley Franklin said: “Ritz Recommends will be a weekly guide to the Ritz Cinema in Belper programme using film clips, scores and soundbites from the stars. This will be a valuable opportunity to spread the word about the cinema. The Ritz is a great success story.

However, like every cinema, not every screening is a sell out, so I see this weekly broadcast as an opportunity to zoom in on the quality films that receive comparatively little attention but are well worth seeing.”

The pilot podcast can be heard at  

The new website for the platform will be