Tudor Tales at Matlock Storytelling Cafe

The Matlock Storytelling Cafe  will be presenting the Tavern Yard Tales as told by Dave Tonge, otherwise known as The Yarnsmith of Norwich on November 3.

Tavern Yard Tales has been inspired by the stories from his book, Tudor Tales.

They are stories shared in tavern yards and on market places long ago and later collected in chapbooks – cheap print of the period.

Stories about the common sort – from women who refused to know their place, to coney-catchers, the beguilers of the gullible who plied their trade in the very alehouses where the tales were so often told.

The evening will be a telling of tall tales, lusty lies and foul fabrications in a manner most uncommon for these times, but once enjoyed by all goodwives and honest jacks with no guarantees of satisfaction hereby given.

Matlock Storytelling Café takes place on the first Friday of each month at the Imperial Rooms in Matlock.

Doors usually open at 6.30pm with stories starting at 7.30pm. There is always cake available at the Café along with various hot beverages. You can also take your own alcohol.