Unapologetic satire with music

Cuncrete is an unapologetic satire framing the housing crisis, Thatcherism and our current political class through the lens of the alpha-male.

Join the Great White Males – a house band comprised of social climbers, cabinet ministers, and righteously perfect male men Little Keith, Uncle Jonty and Johnnie Jove – for sing-a-long classics such as Right To Buy, Living In Utopia and Brutal, Brutal.

Hosted by award-winning Bristol-based theatre maker, satirist, drag performer and punk singer Rachael Clerke as Archibald Tactful, the show is a noisy gig-based treatise on masculinity and the built environment.

It comes off the back of a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe 2016 and a spring tour. Created with help from academics, planners and architects, Cuncrete embraces a world of housing shortages, decaying post-war estates, feminist theory and default man. It is political, spiky and joyfully noisy.

Cuncrete has been described by the artist as a gig with talky bits between the songs.

The show takes its lead from the current social climate of men in suits, mistrust and skewed gender politics as well as a lifelong love of concrete.

The Great White Males are Josephine Joy (Johnnie Jove – bass), Jo Hellier (Jonty, Earl of Twitworth – guitar), Anna Smith (Little Keith – drums) and Rachael Clerke (Archibald Tactful – vocals).

Cuncrete is created by Rachael Clerke with dramaturgy from Emma Frankland; costumes by Sabrina Shirazi and lighting by Ben Jacobs.

You can see it at Derby Theatre on October 21 at 8pm. Go to derbytheatre.co.uk for tickets.