Sell-out Fringe show comes to Derby

How To Win Against History, Seiriol Davies’ sell-out show from Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016, will will be at Derby Theatre on October 13.

The fierce and fabulous musical based on the life of the 5th Marquis of Anglesey has been a huge hit with both the critics and audiences.

Seiriol stars as Henry Cyril Paget, the flamboyant cross-dressing Marquis who gained notoriety for squandering his family’s godlike wealth on diamond-studded plays, star vehicles for himself to which nobody came.

The ‘Dancing Marquis’ inherited his title in 1898 at the age of 21, and was declared bankrupt just six years later, after burning through his vast fortune, spending it on bejewelled dresses, poodles dyed lilac, a fleet of cars modified to give out rose-scented exhaust fumes, and touring Germany with an enigmatic show called The Famous Electric Butterfly Dance.

When he died a year later, his family burnt every record of his life they could find, and carried on as though he’d never been.

How to Win Against History is an outrageous musical about being just too weird for the world, but desperately not wanting it to forget you.

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