Colour and Form at Gallerytop

Derbyshire artist Val Hudson was invited by Gallerytop to curate an exhibition allowing her to exhibit alongside artists she finds inspirational, all of whom present alternative views of reality.

Val has entitled the exhibition, which starts on October 7, Colour and Form and it features prints by Anna Marrow; paintings by Brian Neish, John E Walter, Kerri Pratt, Russell Frampton, Mandy Payne and her own work; ceramics by Chris Talylor and mixed media sculptures by Sassirika Nagasiddhi.

“As the foundational building blocks of any artist, colour and form concern a structural understanding used in an attempt to make sense of, and provoke responses to, concepts of the reality of existence,” said Val.

“The artists in this exhibition share a desire to go beyond conventional assumptions of the visible world – whether that is concepts which are relational, intuitive, chronological, spatial, comparative or other aspects – or maybe simply to confront and share with us their own inner landscapes. They differ in their choice of focus, materials and uses of juxtaposition, but they all share a common thread of exploring fundamental, maybe metaphysical, themes.

“The exhibition is a journey concerning the underlying nature of timelessness and the pursuit of the sublime.”

Pictured above is Colour & Form 1, by Val Hudson.