Theatre’s hunting for digs for actors in city

Derby Theatre is on the lookout for home owners in and around the city who are interested in joining the Theatre’s Digs List, to offer short term accommodation to actors and other creatives who work at the Theatre throughout the year.

The theatre employs and works with many different actors, artists and creatives from all over the country, on a regular, ongoing basis; whether they are working on a Derby Theatre produced show over a period of a few weeks, or with acting companies who are part of a touring production, usually performing at the venue for a week or so.

Good, affordable digs, for people who don’t live in the region, to feel ‘at home’, comfortable, and in relatively close distance to the theatre, is an important consideration.

Accommodation can be anything from a room in a family or shared house, to a self-contained flat or apartment. Company members often like to share digs, so if there is more than one room available in one place then please let the theatre know.

Other key information they would like to know about includes: how close you are to the Theatre, accessible travel routes, if you have pets, if you allow pets, if your house is smoking or non-smoking, is there parking available, if and when visitors are allowed etc.

For the accommodation currently on the digs list, guests are usually given access to washing and cooking facilities, and don’t expect hotel service! They are usually looking for a home-from-home – and due to the nature of their work, guests will often be keeping anti-social hours, so may be arriving home late and not working until the afternoon/evening.

Derby Theatre produced shows rehearse for four weeks, including technical rehearsal week (which results in long hours worked at the theatre) and then run for a further two to three weeks, so people would usually be looking to stay for the duration of the job. However, the theatre also receives accommodation requests from visiting companies for anything from one night to a week, so timings vary and you can, of course, choose not to accept any bookings that aren’t convenient to you.

If you are interested in joining the Derby Theatre Digs List, you will be required to fill out a form giving details of the accommodation available, distance from the theatre, facilities offered and price (usually between £65-85/week), plus any other useful information.

By way of thanks, they invite everyone on the Digs List to the Press and Guest performances of our professional home produced shows. (Great Expectations this autumn and Peter Pan at Christmas).

For more information about the Derby Theatre Digs List, please contact Hazel Dunnicliffe, Production Assistant, at