Artist showcases new work at Derby gallery

East Anglian landscape artist, Lawrence Coulson, will showcase his new collection A Darker Light at Castle Fine Art based in intu Derby this weekend.

The artist will be in attendance on Saturday August 5 from 1-4pm, giving visitors the unique opportunity to see him paint live as well as understand the ideas and inspiration behind his latest works.

Hailing from Cambridge, Coulson is best known for his oil paintings which bring life to dramatic open spaces and alluring skylines. He takes particular influence from his local landscape near the Cambridgeshire Fens and names 19th century Romantic painters, J.M.W Turner and Frederic Edwin Church, as guiding influences, along with his father, celebrated artist Gerald Coulson.

Coulson began working on A Darker Light following a visit to the Affordable Art Fair which left him feeling inspired by the quality of work and techniques used by other landscape artists.

He has paid particular attention to the use of colour in the collection by opting to use a stronger, more powerful palette. Through the use of warm oranges, deep blues and ethereal purples, Coulson has succeeded in evoking a surreal sense of serenity from each oil painting.

A self-confessed Gary Numan fan, the artist borrowed the name A Darker Light from a live EP of Gary’s that he spotted in his studio whilst waiting for paintings to dry.  The name immediately resonated with him and he felt it would perfectly epitomise the focus on light in the body of work.

Lawrence Coulson signed to Washington Green, the UK’s leading fine art publisher, in 1999 and has gone on to become the company’s longest serving artist.

Speaking about A Darker Light, he said: “I have tried to keep a consistency with the subject matter to create a sense of harmony within the collection.

“I wanted my work to become more about contrast, lighter and darker tones, uplifting and reflective moods, as well as moments of hope and optimism amongst a threatening atmosphere. I feel A Darker Light captures this perfectly.”

Matt King, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art, Derby – Washington Green’s nationwide network of high street galleries – said: “Over the last 18 years Lawrence has created work that captures and is able to do justice to the bounteous natural landscapes we have in Great Britain. We are thrilled to have him visit our gallery and showcase his new collection.”

Prices start at £495 for limited edition prints and £1,950 for original artworks.

Visitors wishing to attend the event and meet the artist should contact the team at Castle Fine Art, Derby to be added to the guest list: email, or telephone 01332 209333.