Tideswell show revolves around a bench

A simple park bench. The complex inner world of those who sit there. Have you noticed those people? Were you one of them?

What takes us there? A desire to be alone and contemplate? To be among others? To have fun? To enjoy nature? To make sense of thoughts and feelings?

Tideswell Community Players’ July production, Park Your Thoughts, features original writing by local writer, Suzanne Elvidge, and A Talk in the Park by playwright, Alan Ayckbourn.

A summer afternoon, a kaleidoscope of scenes around some park benches. Through spoken word and lively action we glimpse the inner worlds of those intriguing random characters passing a moment in the park.

You can see the show at 7.30pm on July 8 and 9 at The Institute. Tickets from Tideswell Stores and Litton Shop and online through Ticketsource (a small fee applies).