Welsh speakers invited to opera

There’s a welcome in the hillsides for Welsh speakers this summer… in England.

Buxton International Festival is inviting all members of Welsh language societies to see Buxton International Festival’s performance of a new opera, Y Tŵr (The Tower), a five-star rated show which follows a love story from youth to old age.

“Every season we present opera in German, Italian, French – and even English this year with Britten’s Albert Herring,” said Randall Shannon, Executive Director of the Festival.

“This year we are proud to be hosting Music Theatre Wales and Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru’s new opera in Welsh with English subtitles.
“We know there are many Welsh speakers living in England who love their language and would welcome the chance to hear it sung in the magnificent setting of Buxton Opera House.

“Having an audience with a high proportion of Welsh speakers would add to the atmosphere and excitement of the show.”

“It’s fantastic that the Festival is putting on Y Tŵr,” said Menna Yarwood, of Sheffield’s Cambrian Society, just over the hills from the Derbyshire theatre.

“It’s very important for us to speak Welsh, and there are a lot of Welsh speakers in Sheffield.”

Menna is hoping to get enough people together to put on a coach to take a party from Sheffield to see the production, which has been described as a “landmark opera.”

Based on one of the 20th century’s most significant Welsh-language plays, the opera is by composer Guto Puw and librettist Gwyneth Glyn, who have risen to the challenge with Y Tŵr (The Tower), Gwenlyn Parry’s 1978 drama charting the emotional journey of an unnamed couple from young love to old age.
Buxton International Festival runs from July 7 to 23, with a feast of opera, concerts and literary talks. Y Tŵr will be performed at the Opera House on Monday, July 17, at 7.15pm.

To take part in the Cambrian Society’s Sheffield trip, contact Buxton International Festival on info@buxtonfestival.co.uk, or phone 01298 70395.
To find out more about Buxton International Festival, go to http://www.buxtonfestival.co.uk