Pollyanna Pickering opens summer show

From sitting shoulder to shoulder with a mountain gorilla on the slopes of a dormant volcano in Rwanda, to being charged by an enraged tiger in the foothills of the Himalayas, Pollyanna Pickering is one of the few artists who can claim to have truly travelled the world to get close to her wild subjects.

And Pollyanna recently fulfilled a lifelong ambition by becoming one of the only wildlife artists to have painted on all seven continents – as well as in the High Arctic.

Now a brand new collection of original paintings will celebrate 30 years of her expeditions into some of the most remote and inhospitable parts of the world, where she studies and paints endangered species in their increasingly fragile habitats. Visitors will be welcome to the exhibition Wonderful World which will run from June 17-July 2 in Pollyanna’s private gallery a her home. (It is AA signposted).

Her remarkable travels continue to provide her with inspiration for her award-winning artwork. The journeys are not without their moments of danger. In addition to surviving a tiger charge Pollyanna has braved the sub zero temperatures of Siberia to search for Amur Tigers, and travelled by husky dog sled, camping on the ice in tents and igloos to sketch polar bears.

“Despite what you might think wildlife art isn’t always the most glamorous of jobs” she said.

“I have found myself wading knee deep through bat poo in underground caves, contracted dysentery in Africa, been chased by a king cobra, found scorpions in my camp bed and tarantulas in my bath towel.”

Pollyanna has canoed through crocodile infested rivers in South America, lodged with a Count in Transylvania while searching for wild wolves and come face to face with fearsome komodo dragons in Indonesia.

While surrounded by penguins on a National Geographic expedition to the Antarctic, Pollyanna realised that by sketching on what is often referred to as ‘The Final Continent’ she had in fact painted on every continent in the world… except one.  So last winter she packed her art materials and travelled down under to Australia.

The paintings created following this journey will form the centrepiece of the exhibition – along with over 40 new paintings inspired by her previous expeditions.

Pollyanna will be in the gallery throughout and will be pleased to chat about the paintings, and the journeys which inspired them.

For more information go to http://www.pollyannapickering.co.uk