Edge of your seat fun with Super Sunday

Super Sunday Roundhouse London Photograph by David Levene 4/4/16

Super Sunday is the newest super-fun creation from Race Horse Company, an award-winning troupe of Finnish circus artists.

With its thrilling concoction of physical skill, feats of daring, laid-back humour and carnival atmosphere, this show is a real winner. Against the backdrop of an atmospheric soundtrack, tension builds as the six men perilously propel themselves with superb synchronisation, higher and higher on trampolines, teeterboards and with catapults.

Playful twists are given to old tricks, all delivered on a stage dressed as a derelict fairground.

Funny, brave and irreverent, Super Sunday is so exciting that you cannot look away for a second.

It is being presented by Derby Theatre and Déda Derby at the theatre on May 26 and 27 in association with Crying out Loud on behalf of Circus Evolution.

For tickets to the show go to http://www.derbytheatre.co.uk