Duo present Aboretum exhibition

Artist Rosalind Pounder and  renowned photographer John Blakemore (work pictured) have recently been artists-in-residence at Derby Arboretum.

Taking inspiration from the natural environment of the park, Rosalind and John have worked with the changing elements over a period of time to create two sensitive and beautiful bodies of work entitled Arboretum.

You can see them at North End Gallery, above North End Nostalgia, North End in Wirksworth from April 13-May 27. The gallery is open from 10am-4pm, Thursday to Saturday.

While complementing each other, each body of work is unique to each artist.

Rosalind works with foraged, gathered, handmade and natural materials. Through an intimate understanding of the materials found, she develops these into alternative natural works of art, often three dimensional- yet she also uses these materials to draw, paint and dye with.

Rosalind embraces the wealth of natural materials to hand and makes the observer revisit these pieces, presenting them as works of art in their own right. ‘Books, vessels & gatherings, ritualistic in their construction, become sanctuaries – humble epiphanies.’

“My process of working is a quiet, reverential dialogue between the found & the transcendent other. Growing from an engagement with the natural world around me, my work is an intimate response to the huge, the ineffable via the minutiae of things cast aside,” she said.

Rosalind runs creative workshops and you can follow her on Facebook to find out more.

John Blakemore is a master photographer and an inspirational teacher. He discovered a love for photography in the 1950s during national service, and he developed his unique and elegant photographic style in areas as diverse as still life, documentary and portraiture.

Over recent years he has been making exquisite hand made books, working with both black and white and colour photographs.  John has influenced generations of photographers over a thirty year period of teaching at the University of Derby, where he is Emeritus Professor of Photography and he runs workshops both in the UK and abroad. Students and fellow photographers acknowledge that John Blakemore has enriched their lives beyond compare.

John’s photographs are beautiful, serene moments in time which often possess an ethereal quality. They are timeless, artistic documentations, created with a sense of meditative contemplation. John sensitively captures the beauty of objects and scenes which often go unnoticed.

Both Rosalind and John are great observers and documenters-together they have created two stunning and unique bodies of work in celebration of nature and the passage of time within the Arboretum.