Housekeeper’s tales told at Chatsworth

True North. Chatsworth House.

Following on from her first book, Chatsworth, The Housekeeper’s Tale, Christine Robinson, former Head Housekeeper at the stately home, will publish her next book, Chatsworth, The Housekeeper’s Tips, Tales and Tipples in March.

She is giving a talk at Chatsworth on March 10 during which she will invite the audience to join her on a journey through an ordinary house, but with particular reference to Chatsworth.

In this illustrated talk, she will explore the history surrounding everyday objects, the care required for Chatsworth’s precious objects, and reveal more hidden stories from her 40 years’ experience working at the house.

The talk, which is one of a series at Chatsworth, can be booked online at and are taking place in the Hartington Room or the historic theatre.

While you are at Chatsworth you can also visit the Peak District Artisans’ show in the Burlington Room which is on until March 17.