Bee Gees tribute to appear in New Mills

Bee Gees Tribute Veterans Jive Talkin’ will be appearing at the Art Theatre, New Mills, on March 18 with an exciting new change to the line-up – the three leading men are all members of the same family spanning two generations.

Brothers Gary and Darren Simmons who perform in the show as Barry Gibb and Maurice Gibb respectively, are Bee Gees tribute veterans who have been performing their show since appearing on the first ever series of ITVs Stars in their Eyes way back in 1990.

Piers Morgan praised their performance and their episode can still be seen today enjoying reruns on Challenge TV.

In 1997, Darren and Gary performed with the real Bee Gees live on Heart FM Radio where they duetted the 60s classic To Love Somebody with the super-group. Of their performance, Barry Gibb said “wow fantastic” and Maurice Gibb described them as “absolutely brilliant”.

In 2015, Darren’s son Jack – who had been raised on the Bee Gees music all his life and having come of age – joined the line-up to perform the part of Robin Gibb to make for a real family affair and for a harmony blend that only singers from the same genetic stock – like the real Bee Gees – can create.

When asked about the benefits of working on stage with family members, Gary – who plays the part of Barry Gibb, said: “Apart from the obvious of how well our voices blend together in harmony, the audience really seem to enjoy the witty banter between us and on-stage chemistry that makes a uniquely intimate evening.

“The audience really seem to warm to the family connection and the tongue-in-cheek jokes that can be milked from that. Musically however, the benefits are huge, I have been singing with my brother Darren for 30 years and my nephew since he was a toddler; that creates a kind of on-stage telepathy when we sing together. I think its why many family groups – such as the Bee Gees – have been so successful.”

The three leading men are backed up on stage by a stunning live band – including a live string section – and together they perform a a two hour plus show packed with all of the hits of the Bee Gees.

From the tender orchestrated 60s classics such as Massachusetts, Words, I Started a Joke and How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, through to the 70s disco classics such as Stayin’ Alive, Night Fever, Tragedy and More than a Woman, the complete repertoire of the Gibb brothers is recreated with stunning authenticity and heartfelt emotion.