High energy dance show comes to Crich

Four women, a collection of stories, several hour glasses, and a huge mirror.

I Wish Her Well is a high-tempo and high-energy show from leading Norwegian contemporary dance company Panta Rei Danseteater and it is being staged at Crich Glebe Field Centre on March 11 at 7.30pm.

This is an intricate performance, combining storytelling, strength and femininity, underpinned by an evocative sound score by British composer Nathaniel Reed that infuses the performance with melody and atmosphere.

The stories are the personal narratives of women from the families of, or with close ties to, the performers in the production.

These intimate, contemporary, and universal stories are told by women from different generations through both the soundscape and the dancers on stage.

The first act is based on the stories of four women closely related to the dancers – a highly personal experience.

The emotional second half derives from the diaries of a 16 year old – now 82. We will each be able to relate to the stories through our own experiences, whether recent, or in the distant past; that feeling of time rushing by, and of not being able to keep up.

For tickets telephone 01773 853260 or email david@joylane.org.uk. In advance they are £10 for adults and under 16s £7.