Climate Change exhibition at Banks Mill

The first exhibition of 2017 at Banks Mill Studios will see work by 17 artists and aims to highlight issues surrounding climate change and the environment as a whole.

Following an open call for work by Eco Create, an art and craft network,  finalists were chosen based on their interpretation of the theme – time and tide wait for no man – and works selected needed to be made using eco friendly and upcycled methods and materials wherever possible.

Kirstie Adamson of Eco Create, who has organised and curated the exhibition, said: “We are again absolutely thrilled with the quality and diversity of work submitted.  People visiting our show can see a range of work including collage art, driftwood sculpture and artwork, textiles, glass and pictures made entirely from junk mail.”

Viewers will be inspired by how artists have used a range of different techniques including, oxidisation, collage, reheated glass and pyrography.  One of the finalists, Banks Mill resident Kim Fowler will be exhibiting her work ‘The Siren’s Song’.

She explains: “This piece was made by transferring a laser print of an original drawing using citrasolve (a cleaner made from orange peel oil) on to a piece of driftwood. The smaller pieces with the text are also driftwood printed the same way, and the quote featured is from the song ‘There There’ by Radiohead.”

Other finalists exhibiting are: Alinta Higgs – Climate Change Canvas Collage, The Tides & The Times waits for no man; Brendon McDowell – Sea the Change; Christine Thomas – Oxidisation; Claire Davis – Plastocene; Elizabeth Blades – Time and Tide waits for no one; Ellie Bradley – Absolutely Smashing Time; Jacquelyn Cook – Ghost of the Tide; Jackie Ward – Eat sleep swim repeat, living the dream & navy cut; Jacqui Futer – Warmth of Denial; Jan Brocklehurst – Happy Tides; Kate Whiting –  MoonTide Shawl & Moonchild Of The Waves; Kim Fowler – The Siren’s Song; Kirstie Adamson – Father Time; Nicole Pohl – Zipscape: Compressed and Archived; Paul Adamson – Shift Change; Rachel Caunce – Whale’s Tail & Time and Tide Basket and Simon Clark – Little Boat.

The exhibition runs January 27 and can be viewed weekdays between 10am-3pm; it is advised to ring 01332 594170 in advance to guarantee entry.

You can also join all of the artists taking part in the exhibition by coming along to their opening launch event on Saturday, January 7 from 5.30pm-8.30pm.

To find out more about the artists taking part visit