Museum team joins national campaign

To reinforce and encourage the benefits of everyday creativity, Derby Museums are teaming up with 64 Million Artists, a national campaign that is working to unlock the potential of everyone in the UK through creativity.

As a Happy Museum Derby Museums are committed to creating the conditions for wellbeing in their venues and for January the whole team is pledging to treat themselves to ten minutes of creativity each day.

64 Million Artists have launched their annual January Challenge – a fun, free programme of creative tasks and challenges that will be released every day in January, designed to give you a fresh, creative approach to the New Year.

This is the third year of the programme and people are being invited to take part in groups or pairs, getting involved with workmates, families or just getting together a group of friends.

Every day participants will get a challenge by email, or can follow the programme on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The challenges will range from drawing, singing, dancing, writing, exploring, cooking, looking and making.

Andrea Hadley-Johnson, co-production and engagement manager at Derby Museums said: “I’m delighted that we have this opportunity to encourage acts of ‘everyday creativity’ by taking part in this playful January challenge.

“At Derby Museums we aim to foster a spirit of creative experimentation and this initiative has inspired us greatly. We aim to support one another in making time for some creative thinking and doing and hopefully the will entice our audiences to join us too”

The challenge is based on the 64 Million Artists’ methodology of Do, Think, Share. For each challenge, participants will be encouraged to:
Do the challenge – each one is designed to take only 10-15 minutes, be completely free to complete and use only your imagination or any materials you might have around you.
Think about what it was like – reflect on how it made you feel, whether it was easy or difficult, whether they might do something different next time.
Share either their thoughts or what they’ve done with the group they are participating with – in person, through Whatsapp or a Facebook group, or more widely on social media on the 64 Million Artists website or on our social media pages.

Derby Museums plan to get their team, visitors and online audience involved and participants challenges can be shared with Derby Museums online via their Twitter and the hashtag #DM64M
More information and the link to sign up can be found here: