Will Captain Sprout steal Christmas?

Captain Sprout and the Christmas Pirates is a cracking festive adventure for families to enjoy being staged at the Guildhall Theatre in Derby.

It’s the night before Christmas and Freddie and Mr Roo are settling down for bed, having set a trap to catch Father Christmas.

Little do they know that they will be catching something very different and before long be on an adventure across the high seas to save Christmas for the people of Derby.

On a chilly Christmas Eve the naughty pirate Captain Sprout, played by Phil Coggins pictured above, plots a stinking plan to steal Christmas for himself. Armed with his band of cut-throat pirates and a magic treasure map, that rotter Captain is scheming to rob the good children of Derby of their Christmas stockings whilst they sleep in their beds.

Only, Captain Sprout didn’t plan for a plucky nine year old boy called Freddie. Armed with just his teddy – Mr Roo and enough Christmas spirit to sink a galleon, Freddie dives feet first into an amazing adventure to stop Captain Sprout and save Christmas, but can he do it in time?

Larger-than-life characters, amazing adventures, and a sprinkling of beardy mermaid combine to tell a Christmas tale of trickery, magic, and naughty pirates.

Captain Sprout and the Christmas Pirates will be on stage at the Guildhall Theatre until December 28, tickets priced from £11. For tickets go to http://www.derbylive.co.uk