Get yarns delivered to your door

If you have a passion for knitting, sewing, crocheting and yarn then you would be in good company with Fiona Brennan – she is crazy about all of them.

To prove it she has launched her own business showcasing the best products the knitting world has to offer.

Sonic Knits is a club which each month sends you all the tools you need to make a craft project chosen by Fiona – a veggie box for crafters if you like.

“I come from a family of knitters and seamstresses but although I was taught to knit as a child it never really grabbed me until 12 years ago when I found myself redundant from my first job after leaving university,” said Fiona who lives in Matlock with her husband and two children aged five and two.

“I was living in London at the time and I decided I needed something to occupy my time until one of my job applications was successful, so I bought some needles and wool and re-taught myself to knit.

“Later, when I had my children, knitting then became one way of doing something for myself.

“When my maternity leave came to an end last year I decided I needed a new challenge and so I approached my mother-in-law Gina, who is also a big knitter, to see if she wanted to spend her retirement in business with me.

“We decided we wanted to do something different which showcased all the possibilities that knitting has to offer and made use of products from the UK craft community. We source everything from small boutique suppliers so we can be sure we are using the best quality products possible.”

Each box sent out by Sonic Knits contains a pattern, one or two skeins of wool, needles, stitch markers and anything else needed to make the project. You can sign up for one, three or six months. A gift subscription is also available. For the festive season there is also a special Christmas gift set. There are also monthly gifts and interviews with the creators of the products.

“It is early days yet for the business as it has only been running a few months but the feedback we are getting has been great and we are hoping to gradually build up the membership as more people start talking about us,” said Fiona excitedly.

“The whole craft business is growing as people turn away from mass produced products. There is something satisfying about making your own.”

For details about how to join the club and sign up for the boxes go to or email