Time to buy your new Earth Pathways diary

Nine years ago a group of friends with a common love for the planet and a desire to promote writers and artists formed a small co-operative – and the result was the Earth Pathways Diary.

Editor Glennie Kindred was one of the original team that had the vision and she explained they started out by writing to all their friends asking for donations to help pay for the project.

“We asked them to lend us money in exchange for what we called Moon Shares, which we said we would pay back when the sales of the diary covered production costs.

“In exchange they got free diaries so I guess it was what we now call crowd funding,” said Glennie who lives at Bolehill near Wirksworth.

“Since then the diary has become so successful that we are now able to donate some of the profits to seed fund other projects which help the earth.”

They now sell 7,000 copies and last year they were able to give funds to a magazine for and about women, a group encouraging activities celebrating nature and to help publish an eco book for children.

Although several of the current co-operative live in Derbyshire it is a national organisation and they invite submissions from writers and artists across the the UK and Ireland.

Having said that, it is Ruth Gray, an artist from Belper, whose work is featured on the front page of the ninth diary and calendar for 2017.

The diary is crammed full with information, poetry, prose and artwork which reflects their vision of living life guided by generosity, active positivity and a fierce desire to defend the Earth.

There are profiles of each of the contributing artists and writers and their websites to be found at the back of the diary and the Earth Pathways website showcases all former artists and writers.

The diary costs £13 and you can buy it from http://www.earthpathwaysdiary.uk.

Submissions for the next diary need to be with the team by October 31 and details of how to do so are on the website.