James Oldrini releases debut album

Belper contemporary composer James Oldrini has just released his debut album, Enlighten.

He set about scoring his works for the album equipped with a Macbook and a budget of just £300.

It was the goodwill of musicians and technical friends wanting to be involved in the album that made it all possible.

“Enlighten is not about lush studios, expensive production and handsome budgets, it’s about purity, emotions, using what you have and portraying rustic beauty at grass roots.

“Enlighten is heavily inspired by my home town of Belper, from the derelict mills and factories that sparked the Industrial Revolution to the tranquility and rugged beauty of the Peak District and surrounding areas.

“Enlighten is very special to me. I have poured ideas, thoughts and emotions into this album to create space to think and reflect.

“I absolutely love the fact that it has been a natural, organic process with no creative boundaries and that all of its rustic imperfections are perfect to me. These tracks are truly honest works from the heart.”

To find out more about James, his music and where you can buy the album go to http://www.jamesoldrini.com