Tales that inspired The Bard told at Matlock

Matlock Storytelling Café will present Saul Jaffe with “Nicked” The Stories that Shakespeare Stole, at the Imperial Rooms, Matlock on September 2.

Shakespeare was the ultimate story thief, combining elements from what he read, saw and heard from smaller tales and weaving them into the epics we know today.

Shakespeare not only understood the heart of a great tale, but he also understood how to magnify the conflict within them, heighten the comedy and tread the tightrope of political tension.

“Nicked” is an exploration of some the stories both known, and presumed, to have influenced Shakespeare. Expect the unfamiliarly familiar.

These stories are being told by the inimitable Saul Jaffe who never fails to delight audiences at Matlock.

Tickets cost £7 and can be bought by calling Storytelling Café on 01629 580023, or you can pay on the door.

There are refreshments but you can take your own alcohol. Doors open at 6.45pm for a 7.30pm start.