Have a go at live adventure game for super sleuths

A new live adventure game where you play as a detective is being staged in Buxton on July 30 and 31.

The idea is that you piece together the trail, question witnesses, solve the puzzles and finally uncover the mystery. Over a dozen secret locations will take part in the game which takes about three hours to play.

Super sleuths taking part will be given their ‘casefile’ and then left to play.

The Mystery of the Star-Eaters is the brainchild of graphic designer Stephen Blackwell, and this first case revolves around the disappearance of a fictional university professor who was researching Buxton’s ancient burial sites.

The investigation involves a thousand year old legend, a mythical ancient treasure and a shadowy cult.

For more information and tickets go to https://goo.gl/RH4q2U