Review: Macbeth, Markeaton Park, Derby

There’s nothing namby pamby about Oddsocks when it comes to rain. The show will go on, whatever the weather throws at us, the touring theatre company defiantly declares.

Well the weather was clearly out to test them in Derby’s Markeaton Park last night but they rose to the challenge and gave the sodden audience a great evening of entertainment with their steam punk musical version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

What was probably most surprising was that there was anyone in the audience at all – but it takes more than a monsoon to dampen our summer spirit and around 100 determined souls were there at the start.

At this point I have to confess that I lack the backbone of many others and as the water started to seep into my socks and pants I retreated home before the end.

However I saw enough of the show to be able to say it was the most exciting, energetic and downright funny version of Macbeth I have ever seen.

Derby-based Oddsocks are passionate about creating memorable and unique comedy productions of the classics and this was seriously silly Shakespeare.

The ingenious set with its dystopian retro-tech style gave the show a gritty edge and the gaudy steampunk costumes added plenty of glamour.

The cast, headed up by the group’s co-founder and artistic director Andy Barrow as Macbeth and Rebecca Little as Lady Macbeth, were all accomplished multi-taskers fizzing over with fun.

This is definitely Shakespeare as you have never seen it before so don’t let the rain put you off.

The rest of the cast are Anna Westlake, Gavin Harrison, Joseph Maudsley and Ben Locke.

The show is being staged tonight (Thursday) and Saturday at 7.30pm in the Craft Village at the Park where there are toilets and refreshments. If you are going my advice is to take the biggest umbrella you can and be prepared to stand. Those that did were dryer than those sitting down.

If you want to sit down you need to take your own chair and make certain you have an umbrella and something waterproof to cover your legs.

For tickets go to or you can get them at the entrance.

If you can’t make this show Oddsocks are back  from July 26-28 with Much Ado About Nothing. Maybe the weather will be kinder then.