Kerri Pratt exhibits at Ashbourne

Common Ground is the name of the latest exhibition by  award-winning county artist Kerri Pratt.

Kerri was the last winner of the Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award  and during her residency which culminated in a exhibition in Derby, she developed a new series of paintings inspired by the industrial heritage of Derbyshire.

Her practice focuses on an exploration of painting processes, manipulation of paint, surfaces, marks and colour.

She said: “My intention is never to produce a realistic, photographic image. Instead I want to make something that has an element of familiarity to intrigue and engage the viewer without fully revealing itself.  Therefore there is an importance attached to the ambiguity that my work contains so that it can impact on people in different ways connecting with the viewers own experiences, thoughts and memories.

Her new work has been inspired by travel or encounters with new places and the paintings have reference to curious spaces in man-made, industrial and urban landscapes.

The exhibition is at St John Street Gallery from May 20-July 2 with a preview from 5-8pm on the 20th.